Slowing the Spread of COVID-19 in Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Dogwood Health Trust data and scenario planning site for addressing COVID-19 in WNC. If you are familiar with our purpose, you know that we exist to dramatically improve the health and well-being of all people and communities of Western North Carolina. Prior to February 2020, we were on track with our Board to land on our strategic priorities for the year and were narrowing in on our biggest goals and initiatives. Addressing a global public health pandemic here at home was not at all on our radar. It is now. 

Help us Flatten the Curve

We know that our community partners and leaders throughout the region are facing unheard of challenges in how to continue the delivery of services and programs and serve those among us who are our most vulnerable and marginalized. We are also painfully aware that our healthcare systems are already stretched. Even before the surge hits our region, they are operating at a deficit when it comes to much needed PPE (personal protective equipment) and medical supplies like ventilators, hand sanitizer, and ICU beds.

We hear you. We’ve been working with our dedicated staff and Board, along with outside partners, to develop a broad, yet strategic response to assist our region. Our goal? Stop the spread and flatten the curve

To give you some sense of what that looks like and the data that drives us, we felt called to share a regional resource that can perhaps assist in your decision-making with respect to your organization, your community, and your loved ones. 

This is indeed a challenging time for all of us. We want to make finding accurate information less challenging. We will continue to improve upon this site and appreciate your patience. In the meantime, please remember to stay home. 

We aim to provide accurate, real-time data for the 18 counties and Qualla Boundary that make up the WNC region – and that are served by Dogwood Health Trust. And, we hope to inspire innovative collaborators  in the region to join us in this effort. 


WNC COVID Data & Resources

In addition to data on daily counts by county, we will also share statewide data courtesy of the News & Observer, as well as Spanish language updates courtesy of Hola Carolina and Blue Ridge Public Radio. If you have a data set or news item that you would like to contribute, let us know.

We also understand that many of us are feeling overwhelmed right now and could benefit from mental health resources. Please let us know if there are others that we can add.

And if you’re interested in discovering new ways to help, check out the Emergency Design Collective. It’s an inspiring resource developed by a group of designers and innovators committed to offering solutions that can be immediately helpful and implemented by people, patients, and healthcare providers as we all find new ways of working, caring for others and accessing critical tools.

The counts below may be higher than official health department totals. When we can, we have been including visitors or part-time residents who are not included in official counts.

COVID-19 Cases By County

Dogwood Charts for WNC

Social Distancing Scorecard
Type in your county to find out how well you’re doing at keeping your distance.

The map above is provided by unacast

Map and data courtesy of the News & Observer.

This information is made available solely for general information purposes and provided on an “as is” basis. Dogwood does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of this information. Any reliance you place on this information is strictly at your own risk. We disclaim all liability and responsibility rising from any reliance placed on this information.

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PPE Partnership Opportunities

Thank you for reaching out to Dogwood Health Trust, and thank you for your commitment to making a difference for the community!  Our goal is to create a win-win-win — collaborations that are a win for your organization, a win for your employees, and a win for health care providers, first responders, public health, and nonprofits who need critical products to protect themselves and those they serve.  

We are eager to find ways to coordinate with companies and organizations across our region. We recognize your strong desire to help the people of Western North Carolina.  We share that desire, which is why we began a concerted, targeted effort to source critical supplies that are already in short supply or are projected to be in dire shortage.  

From the beginning, we have looked for opportunities where the Trust’s engagement will catalyze the capacity to do more where needed, and where coordinated effort will ensure an equitable and wise distribution of resources to multiple sectors and geographic areas throughout the region.

Roles that Dogwood Health Trust is playing:

  • Assessing the need throughout the region.  Which paramedics, hospitals, senior homes, first responders, public health nurses, etc need how many units and which products?
  • Coordinating multiple producers of needed products who are already in motion.
  • Helping with sourcing materials, or leveraging one partner’s existing sources for other partners, or providing capital to place large orders, obtain equipment or hire workers.
  • Centrally collecting 90% of collaboratively produced products, and coordinating equitable and prioritized allocation to the region among various key organizations serving our community.

Our team is carefully looking at every opportunity to determine how we can add value and invest Dogwood’s resources in the right opportunities. We welcome the chance to explore how we could at the very least coordinate with your organization/company, to potentially create a more in depth investment relationship.  

To begin, we’d like to request some additional information.

Partners Joining the
COVID-19 Response in WNC

Regional Awareness Campaigns